Hello everyone:

A world title 3 Move Restriction match is set to begin this morning downtown Cleveland at the Agoa Theatre and a few days at the Cleveland Public Library. Full details can be found at the ACF web site. Also live streaming of the match by Mr. John Acker will be shown on our ACF main page and at the usacheckers Facebook page.

This the first time a European from Italy has won the right to challenge since 1847.

Last night chatting in the Italians room the economy was brought up and I made a comment about the USA economy. The Italians said in Italy they are accustomed to a bad economy all the time, where we are not. I found the comment interesting.

We all stay the week at a Value Place in Mentor, Ohio. When I checked in I found that the Value Place runs your name and will not give a room to a registered sexual offender.

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