george riceI don't think football is good for life expectancy. I believe it killed my father. It shook up all the muscles as well as the broken nose 17 times (no helmet visas) in those days, and that sent a signal to the body to do him in at 64.

Russ Sears writes:

While there is some merit to what the chair is implying about being hit so many times. The bigger issue for most people is the weight lifting and with it the weight gain. Most high schoolers do not have a clue the bargain they have made by bulking up at that young age. It is very much like a high school kid taking a 30 year mortgage on a McMansion. Yes, some of them will enjoy both the lifting and cardio enough to be able to afford the time commitment it takes to maintain a healthy buff body all their life… but most after bulking up have trained their adult body to be a certain weight. This weight is only healthy if it is muscle weight, but most will not be able to maintain the muscle and revert to fat or left with a life long battle of combating weight gain. Cardio health will kill and debilitate many more before there time.

While I don't have the number handy, I believe the actuarial stats will show this for all levels of football.



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