Between the Folds, on Netflix, is a fascinating movie about origami and the new directions modern practitioners are taking the art form. Everything has folds, space, the galaxy,DNA, and market moves. The flat plane of a piece of paper, when folded takes on complex and dynamic forms, curves, moves and can mimic forms of nature and remarkably realistic forms. The new generation of origami including mathematicians and physicists use complex math and computers to design the folds to create realistic and beautiful forms.

I've always talked about the higher dimensions of the market above the flat charts, but reflecting on the transformation of a flat paper to complex design based on folds may reveal some interesting approaches and ideas to analyzing the folds, the turns of the market and what kind of forces and dynamics are being created. Paper, you see, is not a flat plane, but has dynamic properties and memory. The folds are memory, but the paper wants to return to flat and the tension creates a dynamic force with the intersection of the many vertices. What is the force created when the market reverses? What is the effect of the intersection of two or more folds or turns in the market. How does the turn in the market represent a memory and what force is trying to return to the old form.

We've recently seen a turn off the bottom in this market and there seems to be a memory in the turns from the down turn. How might this "unfold"?


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