I have been having an interesting discourse with friends and family on the subject of social media versus the news services on the timely delivery and accuracy of "facts" presented. My thesis is that social media is replacing traditional news sources as a better, more up to date, more accurate, broader coverage, more accurate, more varied source of current events than traditional news. The case in point was the tsunami here in Hawaii Island which was totally lost to traditional news. Governmental sources were wildly inaccurate declaring the danger over when it was just beginning here. Facebook and Youtube and other blogs and social media had current up to date, accurate data, video, sensor readings and on-site reporting while government and news were still asleep. Twitter broke the Bin Laden story. Everyone has data collectors on their cell phones. On the other hand traditional news is biases, has limited coverage, is slow, limited reporting capacity and notorious for getting the story completely wrong.

Jim Sogi adds:

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