Having just returned from a 3 day mini-vacation in Chi-town, I dare say they have superseded NYC in terms of things to see and do in a compact space. Within about a 10 block radius, one can enjoy the Art Institute, the Cultural Center (hand painted Ghanese movie posters, the largest Tiffany glass dome in the country and a US Veteran's Art show all under one roof), the Fields Natl History Museum, the Aquarium, the Planetarium and an architectural boat tour off of Navy Pier. Absolutely perfect for a visit with a short stay. Lastly, check out Le Colonial on Rush Street, French-Vietnamese cooking which has moved up my list of best places in the US. Wanted to try every single thing on the menu; they were that novel and interesting. As down as I am on IL about their politics/tax schemes, kudos for an extraordinary sightseeing experience.


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