Recently I have posited that the market to an inordinate degree shows the main attributes in its daily moves of the most vivid sports game that has not been used. I would add to this that during each hour the market is likely to move to the rhythms and dynamics of the most likely classical music being played on a classical music station in home town, for example the former WQXR in New York, in full knowledge that these programs are often selected 2 months in advance, and noting that I was a subscriber to same when I was 12 years old.

I am adding to my list of mystical encampments and predictions that the fortunes of Apple and Lady Gaga will follow a similar arc in the future, and as soon as the Lady loses her luster, or a substantial base of her gay support, Apple will be ready to nose dive.

Do you feel that because of these ideas that I should resign my post as chair of Dailyspec which is designed to deflate ballyhoo, or is this just a symptom of that predilection that old men such as the Sage and the Fake Doc have to maintain their romantic aura?

Henrik Andersson writes: 

As an engineer I can be accused of being too focused on science. One of my mystical ideas right now is that I believe the market will turn once these four companies reached the round 4. In Chinese '4' is an unlucky number as it sounds similar to 'death'. That's why for example there are no Nokia product lines that begin with '4'. Marine Harvest will at a salmon price of NOK 28 post an EPS of 0.40 in 2012e. At PE 10x, the stock is going to NOK 4, Maersk profit warning is getting closer whearas i believe 40k will be reached. June also seems to the peak season for ordering new vessels, Husqvarna has been on a straight path from SEK 50 to 40 with the CFO canned and the CEO watching the share price decline from the hospital bed. Nokia is this morning getting very close to EUR 4.00. I just read yesterday they are now making more money on iPhone sales (they are getting royalty) than their own sales. The market needs to 'die' before it can rise again, and these stock will in the process all hit 4.


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