Here is a great, but long (20 minute) video taken aboard the ISS. You get to see the station up close and Col. Doug Wheelock, commander of the station, gives a pretty good tour. Note the difference between the section of the ISS made by the USA and the section made by the Russians. What was of interest to me was the ham radio segment and seeing him work hams from all over the USA on 2 Meters while passing over the states at 17,500 mph.. Wheelock has a Technician class amateur radio license (KF5BOC), is pretty patient and was on the radio every day giving hams from around the world a chance to talk to the ISS. I managed to work him a dozen times or so while he was in orbit. Since he came back down, the ISS has largely been silent on the amateur frequencies despite the fact that there's two other astronauts with Technician Licenses up there.


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