Along with Einstein, Galton, et al, one should elevate plant pathologist and geneticist, Norman Borlaug to a high pedestal. Borlaug died in 2009, but during his long life he created dwarf varieties of wheat that were disease and drought resistant, along with increased yields. He sent those varieties of wheat to third world countries allowing them to help feed themselves and reduce imports. From 1968 until 2009, India's population doubled but it's wheat production tripled, much can be credited to Borlaug.

For his great works, Borlaug won the trifecta of honors, Nobel Prize, Congressional Gold Medal, and Presidential Medal of Freedom. He is credited with his varieties of wheat saving over a billion people from starvation. He proved that there could be a Double Wheat Season, and created hearty varieties of wheat that would be able to grow in any area without needing a fine tuning.

Borlaug created the Borlaug Hypothesis that stated, "Increasing the productivity of agriculture on the best farmland can help control de control forestation by reducing the demand for new farmland." Borlaug invented the real "Green Revolution," not the Green Revolution so popularized and taught by the statists, Socialists, and others as a means to the population.

Borlaug's "Green Revolution, " was meant for people to be empowered, to give them methods to feed themselves and prosper, to be able to pursue that most noble of rights, "The right to pursue happiness." The fact that Borlaug was right is evidenced by the environmental groups and the central planners that opposed his methods and wished to maintain the status quo..


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