It is being reported by none other than NPR that Chinese tennis star Li Na has an independent streak and has negotiated her "tax" on her winnings down to 8-12% versus the normal 65%.

It is amazing to me they can report this in one segment and in the next gleefully report on the plans to "tax the rich".

Having had certain states withhold a "athlete tax" from my past merger running winnings, one wonders if the tax rate to athlete matter much more than geography. Does investing in states that produce more professional athletes per persons equate to higher new business and higher returns.

Also to comment on the Soviet system letter writers, It would also seem that when there is no financial incentive to produce, the people are left with producing wealth that the government can not monetize, education, intricate crafts, art and sports talent.

One reasons those governments that allows people to fly higher than others, before they demand total submission to the state, will always have an advantage over those states that only let individuals small enough to fly under have any independence.


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