What is the significance that when Sokol brought the Lubrizol deal he showed Buffet projections, but "these projections went unexamined" by Buffett. Despite the Talmudic education I have received, I claim that when someone serves as right hand man for 10 years, and then suddenly something like this trading comes to light, it is not a single instance. Much of the posturing must be designed to cast a positive spin on this.

Bill Egan writes: 

Sokol's lawyer's latest includes:

"It is alarming that Mr. Buffett would be advised to so completely flip-flop and resort to transparent scapegoatism. After 11 years of dedicated and hugely successful service to various Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries, Mr. Sokol would have expected to be treated fairly. That would have been in Berkshire’s interest."

Will Buffett relearn wisdom of Ben Franklin vis-a-vis Vic's comment below? "Three can keep a secret if two are dead."

"That would have been in Berkshire’s interest…"



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