Good for the market:

"You half expected to see Jared Jeffries or Roger Mason, jr. on one of the other Knicks who were floating through the fourth quarter dive to the ground and tap out."


Pitt T. Maner III writes:

The series "tap out" was foreshadowed when Carmelo Anthony heaved up a well defended, no-chance, 3-pointer at the end of regulation play in Game 1 in Boston instead of driving to the basket and possibly tying the game and extending play into overtime.

Before that final play the Knicks were turned over on a ticky tack offensive foul, Turiaf was disoriented and lost on an inbounds play that led to a slamdunk, and Celtic Ray Allen gunned in a 3. Knick discipline evaporated.

Well if your coach doesn't feel the need for a timeout at game end to settle things down and to improve chances with a set play and he doesn't want to risk grinding it out and working for a win in OT then what is your coach telling the opponent (you)? Heh you know it is going to take a lot of luck on our part to beat you (those) guys.

Improvisation works well in NYC comedy clubs and on asphalt playground courts, but it is not recommended for most teams and players on the hardwood courts of the NBA. 





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