Wolfram has added a new toy to their magnificent engine. They added age pyramids to their distribution data, which should be fun to play around with. Pretty soon, they will have many other pyramids that a curious person can play around with and tweak. It is of my opinion that every speculator should be well versed in using the Wolfram products.

Jim Sogi writes:

Very interesting to see difference in distributions for Japan/US vs China. China is young. Japan is old, bulging in 60+ band. US middle aged.

Laurence Glazier writes: 

What is the value of Wolfram Alpha for us. I've been meaning to try it out for possible trading benefits. I would love to be able to ask it for the 100 most trending stocks.

So I just did, and while it has not obliged me, the same question posited to Google has provided some likely looking links. Has anyone found a summary of useful adaptations by traders for this tool? 





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