Here is an interesting article on using improv for business:

"Improvisational comedy offers valuable lessons to business, says Lakshmi Balachandra MBA ’04. An improv comic before working in venture capital and finance, Balachandra brought her spontaneous theater skills into the classroom …"

"Improv teaches you how to think on your feet, she says, to accept the facts, and then build on them. All these are excellent business and negotiation skills. In a CNN article, she offers her five rules of improv:

1. 'Yes, and.' Accept a situation and then deal with it.
2. Avoid asking questions. Continually asking questions makes other
people do all the work.
3. Listening. Focused listening is a crucial skill.
4. Add information. Contribute if you want to guide the conversation.
5. Eye contact. In the workplace it’s important to pay attention to
body language."

Russ Sears writes: 

While not improv, here is a humorous Toastmaster speech I gave last year. It won at the club level.

This might have some lessons on risks and reward; parenting and other humorous topics when we think we have it all mastered.

And for those that have not meet me; you get to see my pretty face.


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