There appear to be deeper messages in this music "Friday" by Rebecca Black– ostensibly market related:

One notes that in 2011 Fridays have not been particularly strong, but Mondays gave Fridays reason to celebrate (attached compares mean of weekday returns of SPY, cls-cls).

Jan Petter-Janssen writes: 

Talking about music… Korean pop is extremely inspired by American culture.

The kids over there apparently cherish individualism and internationalism. It's a very good sign for Korea's future, isn't it?

Hyori Lee 

Girls' Generation 

Wonder Girls 

How do I know about all these? It's impossible not to hear these in Singaporean malls. Much better than Justin Bieber though.

PS: Make a YouTube search on "Indian pop". It's a totally different story.

PS2: Also Chinese pop features some English. And materialism to the extreme…



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