You think you don't have an edge in the market, well, if you don't have this you may just have one…… Toxoplasmosis:

Around 15 to 20 per cent of Americans are infected with the parasite, according to a study by the U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Infection (CDC).

The study suggests that male carriers have shorter attention spans, a greater likelihood of breaking rules and taking risks, and are more independent, anti-social, suspicious, jealous and morose. The behaviors observed, if caused by the parasite, are likely due to infection and low-grade encephalitis, which is marked by the presence of cysts in the human brain, which may produce or induce production of a neurotransmitter, possibly dopamine, therefore acting similarly to dopamine re-uptake inhibitor type antidepressants and stimulants.

Femi Adebajo:

There we go again so many conditional verbs and clauses… suggests….likelihood….if….likely due to….may produce..or induce the production of…possibly dopamine… a flimsy theory built on a speculative (not in a trading sense) foundation.

Victor Niederhoffer explains:

Okay. The mice make themselves sexy so they be eaten by cats. Then the cats spread the mice around through the sewerage system. The breakout occurs and the trend followers jump in (one can now say this with much greater impunity than the last year), and then the trend followers and pivot boys and breakout boys spread their genes, I mean money, around to the locals and the homeostasis boys when they get out. In former days the locals played a role in the detritovore works. 

Anon writes:

[I hate ladies with too many cats.] The scented candle, mystical music, flavored coffee crowd always that has the de rigeur loofah brush hanging somewhere in the shower. It's all part of the Bed, Bath, and Beyond archetype.

Russ Sears replies:

Considering the alternative Bed, Bath and Beyond is to be praised. Besides John Adam's compassionate pining over his alcoholic son, another major difference between David McCullough's book [John Adams ] versus the mini series movie version was his relationship with Ben Franklin. It was not the moral filth of Franklin's mistress that Adams wrote his wife about that he could not stand, it was the literal smell and filth of the pets of this mistress. This filth was hard for Adam's to get past.

Comparing the movie version to the books is a good lesson in the necessary pandering to the liberal stereotyping needed in a movie this days. Let the historical facts be damned.



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