The Knicks inevitable loss to Boston even though they were leading by double digits in the fourth quarter, and their being ground into certain oblivion by a team with a better system has many lessons. Sometimes when you're playing a sport and the other guy gets ahead of you but does it with much non-percentage play or luck, one believes that one will be able to win by just playing more fundamental play and running a little harder and defending a little harder and one isn't too worried about the opponent being ahead. Especially if you know that on an average play you're better than the opponent, and the opponent can only make a point by luck. Such is the situation whenever a team plays the Knicks. They know that they can surmount any reasonable deficit in the fourth quarter as Boston knew.

Same thing in a market that hovers a little below unchanged near end of day when it's ready to move to lead. 

p.s. the talk from the estimable Carmelo, like a robot: "we got to play the system. We have to play the system. Everyone in league knows that D'Antoni system if great for offense and that we have to stick with it. Just take your shots within it" reminds one of the song from Damn Yankees: "you got to play the game". You got to play the game. Of course, Melo is being loyal which is good. But even he couldn't believe that they should play with that terrible system so demoralizing to all the players who have to work to get in position only to see a freak luck shot by a Toney Davis or the celebratedly departed still Gallo for a three tossed up to the basket. One is reminded of Grandpa Martins' letter to Coach Ryan: "when you have an All American like Artie in the game who has made every catch and every tackle… why give the ball to anyone else. no hard feelins either way."


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