Two things we can learn from kids are how to:

1) stay happy, for no reason in particular.

2) keep busy, doing something or the other.

What else would you suggest we could do to keep the child in each of us active, so as to be better adults?

Alan Millhone writes: 

3) Young children are very honest and seldom tell falsehoods.

Jeff Watson suggests: 

To stay a kid at heart, one should spend at least an hour a day engaged in exercise and another hour playing some kind of childish game, it doesn't matter what. It also helps to hang around with kids as they will keep you young. 

Mark Goulston writes: 

4) Every morning think of someone you are grateful to: a) what they did; b) the effort it took for them to do it; c) what it personally meant to you.

5) Make an effort to reach those people (or next of kin) and thank them for those three things


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