So is the consensus now among us non flexions  that the radiation danger is merely exaggerated 100 fold so that technology in the US will be set back 30 years, and government intervention will be lubricated for the next 4 years to deal with the crisis which seems so much worse to the US than the Japanese and IAEA? This is not meant to diminish the magnitude of the tragedy in Japan, but merely to wonder if we believe that the subsequent dangers have been much exaggerated for flexionic profit?

Anatoly Veltman writes:

Yes, of course. One thing to be sure about is that T.Boone Pickens' funds will start getting ahead, as Natural Gas projects (like gradual highway infrastructure to facilitate filling-up vehicles, especially trucks and such) should finally be given light-of-day.

Bill Rafter comments:

"Never let a crisis go to waste."

Jay Pasch writes:

Buy the clashing of bearish cymbals, and sell the euphoric opposite…

Kim Zussman ironizes:

Buy the clashing of bearish cymbals, and sell the euphoric opposite in flat/choppy markets. If markets ain't flat or choppy, don't buy and sell 'em. 

Steve Ellison writes: 

No doubt it was my poor judgment, but from the perspective of operating a specialty line in panics, the moments of panic in the past week in the S&P 500 seemed too brief and ephemeral to go all in. The changes since the earthquake were:

3/11 +11.7
3/14 -10.7
3/15 -15.2
3/16 -21.4
3/17 +14.9

There were three moderately large down days in a row, but for perspective, the S&P 500 futures are still up 1.5% year to date. Only for the briefest of moments did they trade below the 1247.9 year-end close of 2010.


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