I remember reading about this group of people ("jumpers") as a kid in the 70s when they made about $11 per hour (around 7x min wage I think) and received a full years dose of radiation in a short period of time.

The brave Japanese workers fighting the problems at the reactors without regard for their own lives reminded me of this hazardous "occupation".

"Nobody wants that job," said Brett Allen, an instructor at Cuesta College who heads a PG&E training program. "It's like a lifeguard specializing in 100-foot-wave rescues. You may not live as long."

But just as there are those who revel at the chance to engage in high-risk rescues, there is a specialized breed of nuclear power plant workers who enjoy going where few dare to go. Officially they are known as nozzle dam technicians, but to those in the industry, they are the "jumpers."

It appears that this job category still exists.


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