If you are an Ameritrade user you can download the Think Or Swim platform (TOS) for free– you probably know that.

If you click on the support/chat button you can pick from a number of so-called chat rooms. Actually most of them have useful audio and multimedia (e.g., curated charts and such in a window) commentary during the day, like the really good SnP pit squawk from "" (this one is audio). The squawk is a lot of fun to listen to at least during the open/close period. Whatever you might say about the usefulness of the sp pit the action and actually the commentary is quite educational for those limited to ES screen trading. It gets pretty rough-and-tumble at times.

A new one that TOS added is a 10-second delayed version of the premium RANSQUAWK service. This is really good. No chatter all day long just important news much faster than you can glean it yourself. The 10-second delay is only a minor nuisance for the big reports like oil inventories and econ reports (I say that as a mere daytrader for whom these things often have significance). It covers news worldwide (it's based in London) and they seem to monitor a vast array of global news releases and remove the chaff.


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