I honestly thought as I was running down 19 floors of stairs at full pace with the building creaking and swinging like a pendulum that "this was it". It was hard to keep on your feet. Then I got out, and was running home like a rabbit. Things started to return to normal so I slowed down, but I got home and couldn't find the family. Then the aftershocks started again, and I just wanted us to be together. Phones were out on the mobile network almost straight away but then even the landlines were clogged. Needless to say, the bath is now stocked with blanket, phone, water and food… and a whistle.

Last night was a series of one aftershock after another. I feel so bad for those 300km north of us and the tragedy that is unfolding. We watched it all on the Internet unfold until 4am as we were rocked with one aftershock after the next. And we were the lucky ones. How someone can build a 27 story skyscraper that withstands that– and thank goodness, our house– I am in total awe.

Our house was trashed inside… but I don't care. We've cleaned up and although insurance will cover it, I couldn't care less. The total feeling of helplessness has now passed. I can't explain it.

All friends seem to be safe– albeit shaken AND stirred.

Youtube video of office blocks swinging.


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