Super Moon are discussed in the two following article links and are considered by the authors to have a very small role, if any, in increased seismicity. But other effects on March 19th may appear as noted in article #1 below. Water held behind dams, however, has been looked at as a possible source of "induced seismicity" in some cases–so the effect of the weight and movement of water perhaps can not be entirely dismissed.


"So let’s hear the bottom line. Will the March 19, 2011 full moon – which coincides with the moon’s closest point to Earth – bring more earthquakes and tsunamis? Will it cause volcanic eruptions? Let me ask another question first. Why, I wonder, do people want to believe in predictions of disasters?

The moon’s distance from Earth is changing continually. The full moon on March 19 will be a close one, but there’s no scientific evidence it will cause any of those events. The March 11 moon does not prove the supermoon-earthquake theory. In fact, it disproves it. Plus we know of closer full moons than the March 19 moon that did no harm.

Will the March 19, 2011 close full moon cause floods? Yes, that’s different. Now we’re on more solid ground. Close full moons do cause maximum tidal ranges. So if a storm moves into a coastline on the day a full moon is closest, it can cause flooding along that coast. If you live along a coast, and a storm is heading your way on or around March 19 … expect possible flooding and take precautions."


'So, what can we take away from all this? * The Moon plays a very small role in increasing seismicity and volcanic activity on Earth - potentially increasing activity ~1% during full/new moons.

* The change in the gravitational pull from the Moon during apogee and perigee is small.

* Beyond this, there is no statistically-sound evidence that geologic disasters can be predicted based on lunar alignments or distance (or any other astronomical phenomena).

* The keys to understanding how to predict earthquakes or eruptions (if at all possible) lie within the Earth, not deep in space.

* From Chris Rowan: "The moon does not magically load up plate boundary faults or fill magma chambers … The most the moon can do is slightly alter the timing of an earthquake or eruption that was on the verge of happening anyway." '


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