Popa Popa is a tiny island with a stable population. Years ago, the government mined all the gold on the island, decreed it the only currency, and put all of it into circulation and ruled that no gold be taken off or on the island (Though Popans are famed for following the rules, this is enforced with metal detectors and X-rated X-rays). Consequently, Popa Popa has no import or export business except for oil: it produces none, and is forced to import 100%.

Popans eat only pineapples (like Ramanujan, they get their B12 from insects on the fruit). All the arable land on the tiny island is planted with pineapples on three farms, and the farmers have fleets of trucks to transport pineapples to stores.

One morning Popans woke up to find that oil prices had doubled. The three pineapple farmers had a dilemma: High oil cuts into their profits, which they need to finance their many mistresses (The island was visited in the past by French painters). Do they:

1. Raise prices to maintain constant profits and diversified connubiality?
2. Maintain prices to keep customers happy and become celibate?
3. Maintain prices but also cut staff (and force them to work harder), employee perks, and office space to offset higher oil cost, and continue their sideline as HPV breeders?

(There is no law that pineapple farmers have to do the same thing, nor any preventing them from opening dairies of color)

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