Copper finally succumbed last night, and whether it leads the equity market, or equities lead it, they tend to mimic each other pretty well over the March/April reversal period for the next several months. If they hold this relationship, copper will now have a bit to make up to give this duo strength.

Anatoly Veltman writes:

1. it happened quite abruptly in North American session.

2. mass media explanation: potential premium fuel costs dim prospects for industrial demand.

3. over the years, I've often seen other metals follow next day - although there is no fundamental link. It always was: like players were too busy knocking one market down today; and they switch to the next market next day. Which will be interesting to note tomorrow, as one important nouveau element (cross-market algorithms) should have kicked in already today (?).

Larry Williams adds:

Dominoes is the next game?


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