Thanks to Tim Melvin and to the chair for hosting a contest that truly evoked good solid investment ideas and themes.

Tim's idea of busted banks as low priced calls on the sector led me to consider a market area that was no where on my ideas list for 2011. In all humility–thanks! Using Tim's idea of fbc and shbi as vehicles, I stumbled on to hmpr. Then diving deeper, a large financial deal was in place through Carlyle, Tim pointed out that the financing and equity stake would minimize the threat of liquidation (one of my trade downside risks).

The year end tax loss selling washed out the stock completely and then huge (actually over the top piggish) insider buying from a bank insider (flexionism) was all the footprint I needed to risk a throw.

44% winner on one closed trade so far. Now I gotta be careful because sometimes my hand gets caught in the cash till on the subsequent forays.


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