Nobody asked me, but I am amazed by the bizarre ad links Google offers with my online brokerage statements. What algorithm did they use to calculate that the following might fill my needs?

Secondly:  rooftop gardens. As a garden, the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan leaves something to be desired; it is concrete, with merely a hedge, and precious few benches. The magic comes in the sense of being in a ship floating among the treetops Central Park and seeing the skyscrapers of the city rise above in the background, like being in a sea of giant dark green swells and seeing Manhattan as an island, which of course it is.

Finally: To defend, attack. In his UN appearance today, the Iranian guy accused the US of the very misdeeds of which his own government is on the hot seat for: making nukes, letting terrorists run free. A beautiful propaganda technique. But George Bush had the best line of all in addressing the assertion that the US is destabilizing the Middle East: "It wasn't stable to begin with."


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