Health Insurance, from Bo Keely

February 23, 2011 |

 What is the one thing everyone needs but cannot afford, hence the single string to control a person, family's & society's lives? Health insurance. If overpriced, it cuts out the middle class– the rich afford, the middle class teeters in ill health, and the poor get it free with enough time to wait in hospital lines and pick up bugs. The ramifications of unaffordable insurance are sundry: one frets about getting ill, and so becomes. Aspiring youth are forced out of entrepreneurship into gov't, military & corporate jobs w/ benefits. I saw it daily while teaching– inability to go to the hospital for a spider bite, etc, and the students geared study away from books to cultivating relationships to get jobs w/ benefits. My SED class (severely emotionally disturbed) had many cases of the brightest kids & parents who invested their children in the class to get instant, free health insurance, and to build a future family breadwinner in the welfare system. Further, is it stupid to earn less salary to fall into a low income bracket for free health care, like many do? Long ago, I quit contributing to escalating monthly insurance premiums, and used cheap, comprehensive traveler's insurance while globetrotting, and now travel w/out it exclusively in third world countries where medical/dental/hospital fees are about 1/50th USA. e.g. I get a physical & medical workup on arriving and leaving S. America for $50; a tooth crown reground and re-pegged on the spot in Mexico for $5; and the local Sumatra healer/doctor here just treated a stomach ache with a broad leaf massage for $3. I like to say, don't point out a fault w/out a solution, but i don't have it for American health insurance.

Ralph Vince writes: 

I use Medix when abroad, having researches the various travelers insurance plans some years ago, it seemed the best to me. What I find interesting, is that it is less than half what I pay for insurance in my own country of the US.





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