Listening very occasionally through this streak to Byron Scott explain how his team is trying, and that injuries have decimated the team, and that some young talent is getting a lot of NBA minutes– the same theme over and over in every interview and post game radio show etc. No emotion from Scott—

Then the mild mannered Scott lost it after loss number 26– to tie the all time losing streak in any pro sport. Maybe he realized that his name will forever be tarred by this streak and maybe he will never coach again. So maybe he finally got angry enough to hold closed door half time and after game team meetings. Maybe he finally coached. I will not understand the fans– it was pandemonium like we won a championship– we won a game, the first win since Dec 18th when they beat the Knicks in OT.

This win over the Clippers was at home in OT. JJ Hickson had one of the best games of his career and the cavs were tenacious on defense. Prior to this game announcer, Joe Tate– who is probably the best play by play announcer in the NBA, gave his first phone interview after heart surgery and rehab. He fell ill after never missing a game in some numerous years last year– coincidentally right around the time of Lebron James' "decision". I thought that Tate was not going to make it and that his last announced game was last season's dissapointing end. But now there is hope and a fresh start. Before the game Joe was asked about the cavs coach and Tate said that Scott was the man to lead the Cavs into a turnaround to the upside.

Whatever it was there was a spark and a fire not seen on the court in a long time– and it wasn't one dominating ego, there was TEAM last night.





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