Finally Mike D'Antoni is getting a good pantsing from the media for not winning. But no one seems to feel towards him the way we all feel to a person using a fixed system, e.g. a trend following system, or a moving average system, or a swing system, with stops that's bound to fail.

His system is the problem, not the players or their heart. When the whole idea is to run down the court and shoot the first 3 balls you can, you dishearten the whole team. The shots are random. The rebounds go to the other side. The idea of fighting to get in position goes out the window as there's no time for any real play, and the other player is going to get the ball. I still say it started with Patrick Ewing who played the same game from the 80s that Carl Braun and Sweet Water Clifton did in the 1950s as opposed to the inside game that wins for all the other good teams where they take high percentage shots.

The Knicks are great for showing you how to lose in the market. They should be watched. The coach's excuses are the same as the system players are when he loses. "We didn't play smart," he said last time. "The fans should stop cheering for Melo." It's exactly like, "the market never acted that way before," or "the announcement of the Mubarak quitting made the stocks go up". I have a copy of Alibi Ike and Horseshoes by Ring Lardner at my side, but it was a lot funnier than when the coaches actually had a plan that could build a win rather than this sardonic, know it all who demoralizes his players the same way a trading manager would if he followed a Hendry system.





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