Chess, like the game of bridge (just look at those guys at the bridge tournaments), I have noticed, is an addiction. In fact, the older I get the more evident it is to me that all of human behavior is under the gravitational influence of people's panoply of addictions (and, virtually everything is an addiction– not just drugs, alcohol, etc. Look at that "CraigsList" congressman who resigned yesterday, or the guys who has just discovered the leverage available– bridging the gap to his dreams– of long options, or young people who just get their driving license– all of human activity is an addiction of varying degree).

And I think the pursuit of satisfying these addictions permeates all of human behavior– and is in large measure a reason why people often act very illogically (Kahneman and Tversky were right– it's just that oftentimes I think the illogic of human beings does NOT have a hidden economic benefit.

Sometimes……our plumbing doesn't make it all the way to our fixtures.

Good stuff to keep in mind down on the shop floor).





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