Statistically significant ESP in a refereed journal. 

Vince Fulco writes:

Not exactly ESP, but I've been re-reading Kasparov's How Life Imitates Chess in the New Year.

On Intuition (p. 176):

This example is not intended to encourage you to blindly follow your gut instinct, or to rely indiscriminately on simple first impressions. As we've seen over and over again, diligent study and the gathering of knowledge about what came before in chess is essential to becoming a successful competitor. What I want to illustrate is the power of concentration and instinct. The biggest mistake I see among people who want to excel in chess–and in business and in life in general–is not trusting these instincts enough. Too often they rely on having all the information, which then force them to a conclusion. This effective reduces them to the role of a microprocessor and guarantees that their intuition will remain dormant.

Nigel Davies comments:

Kasparov was even one of the more intense and 'concrete' of champions. More relaxed players trust their intuition far more.


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