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Quoting Rand, from Omid Malekan

December 29, 2010 |

 I've noticed a surge in people quoting and referring to Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged this year. Ironically, usually its from someone who works on Wall Street, usually at a big bank. I try to explain to them how hypocritical their stance is, but they don't get it.

A liberal friend was having an email debate about FinReg with some guy who works at Morgan Stanley, and this guy tried to cleverly end the debate by sending her an Amazon link to Atlas Shrugged. She reached out to me for a proper response, and I told her its obvious the guy hasn't actually read the book, because if he did, working at a place like Morgan, he would have the decency to shut up as he awaits his taxpayer sponsored 2010 bonus.

But now, from a WSJ article on AIG, we get the following quote from the CEO:

"I was wondering if I might get a call from someone saying maybe 'you were right,' because we look better than we did last May and we can see the finish line from here, and it comes with a profit for the taxpayers," Mr. Benmosche said in an email. "But as I learned in [Ayn Rand's book] 'Atlas Shrugged,' find your Thank Yous from within."

If there was ever a spoken phrase that captured the essence of the year 2010 to me, this is it. The CEO of the most government bailed out corporation in the history of governments and corporations quoting Atlas Shrugged.


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