Emanuel Lasker always tried to forget as much as possible so he'd be fresh for any game. He was apparently very weak in opening games because of this. But the freshness was enough for him to be world champion for many years. Presumably Nigel would say that this is no longer possible. The degree of freshness in studying market regularities is probably a key as what happened x years ago is usually opposite in regularity to what's happening now, a variant of ever Baconian racing.

Jay Pasch writes:

This is a great piece of trading advice. Forget yesterday's game and concentrate on the airborne serve… 

Nigel Davies writes:

 Yes it would be much more difficult to go into major tournaments without extensive opening preparation these days. But I think it's still a good idea not to do this on the day of a game, and I tend to advise students to cultivate a repertoire that is fairly immune to surprises. This helps cultivate the balance and ease that Lasker felt was so important.


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