Just finished reading A Warrior's Life, the autobiography of Paul Coehlo. This man, always searching, always doubting, always persevering, can teach us in many areas. Although he was not without considerable failures and flaws, both personal and in business, he took all opportunities and was quick to reinvent and market himself. With his quest for answers in life and success he covered much territory, and although achieving great world wide acclaim as a writer, he learned much about life in the process.

This passage from his diary is like a beacon for traders:

When I finished writing The Fifth Mountain, I recalled that episode– (getting fired from his CBS executive position many years prior) and other manifestations of the unavoidable in my life. Whenever I thought myself the absolute master of the situation, something would happen to cast me down.

I ask myself: Why? Can it be that I'm condemned to always come close but never to reach the finishing line? Can God be so cruel that He would let me see the palm trees on the horizon only to have me die of thirst in the desert? It took a long time to understand it wasn't quite like that. There are things that are brought into our lives to lead us back to the true path of our Personal Legend. Other things arise so we can apply all that we have learned. And some things come along to teach us…

Maybe represents all three.


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