Today in Sarasota county, while the northeast is buried, we are freezing with the current temp of 46 degrees. I was driving down US 41 this morning and noticed water mirages in the road, the type of mirages one would expect to see on a hot day in desert conditions. I never really thought about it, but didn't expect to see a mirage in the cold weather. Drawing a parallel,it made me think of what kind of mirages we see in the markets, do they even exist, can we see them, do they occur all then time or only during certain conditions?

Pitt T. Maner III comments: 

Here on the Florida east coast you can really make out the ropy, twisting Gulfstream (GS) on the horizon. Its a common boating forecast that "seas are higher in the Gulfstream" but I suspect that the cold temperatures may enhance density differences and make the GS "ride higher" and become more visible to landlubbers. It looks almost like there is some vast offshore island on which the waves are breaking.


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