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 What is often not said is that walking and exercising is not what generally causes weight loss in and of itself. In fact, it is the extra muscle built into the process of getting in shape that causes the weight loss. Muscle increases your metabolic rate, fat slows it.

Further exercise reduces your stress level and makes good use of your cortisol levels. What causes fat gain is stress that the body thinks is sign of starvation and kicks in cortisol. All this signals more hunger and tells your body to store calorie as fat, for the coming starvation your stress is telling your body is coming . This system worked well when it was true that is you did not work (physically) you did not eat. But does not work so well when stress only means you do not upgrade to sports car for a few years, or when it means you are living on govt provided safety net rather than having to work for a hand-out. While the media would have you to believe that it matters not how intense you exercise, this is not true, some need to workout more intensely to combat the stress. Plus everybody's level of intensity is different.

Most people that start to exercise actually gain weight for about 3 weeks, and then start losing thereafter. Muscle weighs more per cubic inch than fat however, so the thing to watch is the tape measure NOT the scales. Many people bodies are not meant to be thin or even low weight. Many are built for heavy lifting not distance. These people should strive for muscles not fat. The extra weight even as muscle however does mean these people need to maintain a more consistent and regimented healthy lifestyle.

In short the exercise is to combat the stress levels that cause people to gain or roll-a-coaster in weight. Exercise is a way to make it stay-off. Calorie restriction is simple for dropping the pounds. For the very over weight sometimes the weight must come off before they can actually exercise enough to fight the stress levels appropriately for them. Calorie restriction also has it own health problems as a long term plan.



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