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 Galt's partner of 10 years, James Strouse, is a master at writing books and screen plays for movies about low lifes, under achievers, ne're do wells, dysfunctional families and other darker matters. One of his recent films was "The Winning Season" that features a girl's basketball team, (coached of course by a woman who prefers women of her own sex), that depicts a girls team that is so bad that they shoot in their own basket, lose 100 to 2, are trampled by the other team, etc. The Knicks against the Heat reminded one so much of that team. They looked like midgets and little leaguers against the Heat on Friday, during the second half, and it looked like if the Heat wanted to so they could have won the second half 100 to 2 or some such. Of course, the reason aside from the poor coaching and the fact as TK has said that any shots that Amar doesn't take for the Knicks are random, is that they are such poor sports. They booed James from start to finish with the encouragement of the coach and the owners. And they so incensed the other better team, that the Knicks were lucky to come out of the game with their shirts on back. They didn't so it was absolutely predictable that it would start yet another losing streak which they started against Cav's today. The game against the heat reminds me so much of the games that my father, Artie Niederhoffer would have played against Notre Dame when he was quarterback at 16 for Brooklyn College against where they usually lost 98 to 3 or some such, (I don't believe they ever achieved a minus score). It would be funny if only Artie didn't get knocked out and carried off the field so often (he suffered a literal 17 broken noses on the Brooklyn team that I believe it shortened his life as I believe that being knocked out at an early age send signals to shorten life to the body systems.)


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