One notes that:

1. NY Commuter rail fares will increase by more than 11.1% on December 30th (for the Harlem and New Haven lines.) 

2. NY Commuter rail fares will increase by more than 14.3% on December 30th (for the Hudson line).

Assuming a brisk walking pace, a Westchester County resident can make this round trip trek in about 12 hours. In contrast, a round-trip peak ticket costs $28.50 and train-station parking costs $6.50. Hence, a day-trip into Manhattan costs $35.00 per person. Assuming a 40% marginal tax rate (State & Federal Income Tax), the pre-tax cost becomes $58.33. This is about $4.86/hour.

It's therefore a relief to know that the New York State Minimum Wage is now $7.25/hour. So it still pays to work.

Victor Niederhoffer writes:

One would have to adjust Mr. Humbert's calculations based on the age distribution of the population. "One senior ticket and one child," Aubrey always says when the conductor comes. That's Keely's 7 bucks for me, but my walking pace has slowed, (as witness my failure to pass the California test for the DUI). Say I am at 3 miles and hour. It would take me 17 hours to get to Manhattan for my 50 miles. (I believe Elonra Sears, the lady squash champ, would do it in 16). If my time is worth more than 50 cents an hour or so, it pays to take the train, assuming I would not make losing trades. (In the past, when asked to do chores, I could always tell Susan, that the chore cost me 1000 or 5000 an hour when I could make money with impunity, but now that doesn't work and Susan often says that I'd save money by washing the dishes or changing the light bulb, or shoveling the snow.)

Russ Sears writes:

 A couple guys come to mind when you talk of going 50 miles a day to work.

Legend has it that Bill Rodgers headed for nowhere, working in a morgue delivering bodies, when his motorcycle was stolen. He started to run everywhere. This helped him to start running again after stopping after college track. He also was smoking before this. And he is the only guy I have heard of that doing more than 150 miles per week actually strengthen him. He topped out at 200 miles per week 16 in the morning 13 in the evening.

The other guy is Dr. Horton, who was a Phys Ed Professor at Liberty. He set the record for running the Appalachian Trail. He averaged I believe, near 50 miles per day. He had line up Churches to help him throughout the course. He would meet them at points most nights, so he could eat hardy and sleep and then next morning drop him off at the same point. It was getting to the meeting points that added to the distance to the 2,200 mile course. (now I hear 2 other guys have broken his record of 52 days) This was very tough on him and I heard from my CC coach that it took him over 2 years to shake the mental depression such distances placed on his mind and body.

At 50 miles: plans would have to be made to have plenty of liquids along the way some light food. then latter eat and eat hardy and well. A mile burns roughly 100 calories, for average weight guy. Plus the normal 2000 calories, would require about 7000 calories a day. Phelps is said to eat 12,000 calories a day.

One summer in college, I lived on a nickel to save for the next years tuition and road a bike near 30miles a day for a couple months to work. 100 mile days are normal for serious bicyclist.

Henry Gifford writes:

I used to compete in and win, 24 hour bicycle races– ride as much as you like, rest as much as you like. Some wimps even took naps.

At the level we were at, consuming enough food was a deciding factor during a race, and buying it was a major expense, for a race and at all other times. One year someone handed me up candied pineapple, which I had never eaten. I barfed, but still rode as hard as I could, but I was like the car in the Indy 500 with the torn gasoline fill pipe from a sloppy pit stop exit. I was able to keep up, but couldn't  refuel, surely coudn't have finished or won.

Someone helping run the team knew to feed me boiled potatoes, after which I was good to go. I ate everything on the next lap around. 

Larry Williams wrote: 

I also found boiled potatoes to be the key, with salt, to correct food for ultra marathons.


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