Having arrived at only this candidate stock by a process of selection from the 3000 optionable stocks, the anomaly from 27 September stood out, and I changed the low to be interpolated equally between the days either side.

I have no idea what caused it, I guessed that it was - perhaps? - earnings day, but it seems to have no bearing on matters, and I have offered a trade based on the assumption of what should have happened that day. Should it be accepted, there will be an overhead in daily charting; strange that logic should direct me to the one of the few charts with such an anomaly.

Alex Castaldo adds:

Current data shows the following for PGN on September 27, 2010: Open 44.63 high 44.69 low 38.38 !!! close 44.43.

This is after correcting for cancelled trades on that day:

Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) — Fifty-three trades in Progress Energy Inc. occurring prior to the stock being halted under market-wide circuit breakers were canceled on the Nasdaq Stock Market, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. All of the transactions occurred at 12:57:42 p.m. New York time before trading was suspended when the shares slid to $4.57 apiece, a 90 percent decline from the previous close. Progress Energy rebounded to $44.48 as of 2:33 p.m. in New York.

It appears to have been caused by an inaccurately entered sell order. A "circuit breaker" was triggered, based on a 10% decline in 5 minutes.


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