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 My gym features a fair proportion of middle-aged single women, who show three clinical diagnostic signs: big hair, thin body, and friendly eyes. Recently while on the pec-machine, I noticed one such lady kneeling over a weight bench; facing downward, using one arm to support herself while the other worked a barbell.

She was wearing the usual tight-fitting gym attire, and had remarkably large breasts given her slim physique; bent over as she was they almost reached the weight bench. When she stood up, they went from vertical to horizontal - a telltale sign: implants!

As a longtime fan of the unadulterated female form, these got me thinking globally. In the absence of cancer reconstruction, what is the allure of a bag of water (or silicone)? If you had one on the desk in front of you, it would be interesting but probably not arousing. Would it be as intriguing if implanted in your dog, or on top of your neighbor's head? No. Implanted beneath the female breast it intensifies the male>female sexual diamorphic attraction. But still…it is fake.

What about the unadulterated breast? Those who have studied and dissected them can tell you they are little mounds of mostly adipose tissue (fat), and milk glands, held together by a mesh of connective tissue (Cooper's ligament), with a pigmented exit nozzle. Analyzing these contents removed from their fanciful context elicits a different reaction than the familiar self-induced diversion to spiritual eternity.

This recalls the "suspension of disbelief" one performs when starting to read a work of fiction or watch a movie: You know it isn't real, but subconsciously tell yourself "in the interest of pleasure - just for now pretend it is real". Much of what we do contains such illusion, in order to create emotions of joy, romance, nostalgia, and love.

Toward the end of my work-out, I bumped into a guy I know in front of the women's locker room and joked "stay out of there!". I pointed at the big "W" on the door, "That means WARNING! Bright fluorescents and no illusion!".

In a round about way, breasts got me wondering about the phenomenal stock market rally since the near destruction of the financial system. How much of the recovery is due to the human desire to see goodness, hope, and eternal joy, even in handfuls of non-specific fat?


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