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Powerbands, from Craig Mee

December 15, 2010 |

 Here is an interesting case study on how to develop and sell a product– "Powerband Wrist Straps Forced to Retract Misleading Ads by Austrailan TGA Complaints Resolution Panel". However they utilised a slick marketing campaign– leveraged off an existing trend, i.e something that was already being worn, (those charity plastic wrist bands), added a cool factor, and said you would be a better sportsman, hero, person, whatever.

After a number of people complained to the Therapeutic Goods Administration and those claims were rejected on the grounds of the device not being a "Therapeutic Device" the issue was taken on by Professor Ken Harvey of Latrobe University who took them to task and escalated the issues to the TGA Complaints Resolution.

Marlowe Cassetti writes: 

The Australian Skeptics have challenged a lot of these frauds. They have a couple of videos on this here. Scroll down to Applied Kinesiology and Power Balance videos. The sad fact is that many gullible people all over the world have been duped by this crap. I know of two examples where sick people are foregoing real medical treatment to waste their precious time and money on this junk science. 


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