You would think that the republicans would be smart enough to have an answer to the meme going around that "bam insisted that unemployment cuts be extended as a trade off to allow the rich to keep their tax breaks". That message makes the democrats the heroes of 99% of the voters. Instead the message should be that "the repubs insisted that the current tax rate be continued for all as almost all the jobs are created by the firms and savings of those that make the big bucks. Further the incentive to get into those brackets is one of things that makes everyone work hard, and makes USA the land or opportunity. Further the idea of singling out one group to pay a much higher % of their income than others is the kind of thing that leads to a zero sum, hatred of one group against the other society that leads to the kind of thing that happened in Germany before they put all the Gypsies and Jews into the concentration camps."

Stefan Jovanovich comments:

Vic's polling needs adjustment. The poll questions on the tax rates have built-in skews: Question 1 - "Should taxes be raised during a recession?" gets a resounding No. Question 2 - "Should the rich receive a tax break?" gets the same answer. The only times in American political history that Republicans have suffered at the polls is when they "compromise" and allow tax rates to increase. ("Read my lips" is the most recent example, but Hoover is a better one; the 1932 landslide was primarily a function of Republicans staying home after Hoover raised taxes. The comparison with Germany is suspect. The Weimar hyperinflation and its Austrian cousin both came in societies where wages were fully-indexed. Imagine our golden state with nearly EVERYONE working for the DMV and getting automatic pay raises linked to the Fed's rate of monetizing the debt; that was Weimar and Schumpeter and Hayek's Austria. The Gypsies and many of the Jews were an easy target precisely because they were the people who had been excluded from the comfortable union arrangments and they adapted to the hyperinflation far better than the civil servants did. But, the greatest support for the Nazis came from the shopkeepers and small farmers who were ruined, who got literally squeezed out of business by their inability to match costs with selling prices in a world where the bill for dinner changed depending on when you ordered the meal. 


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