This article on a man made stream saving endangered fish reminds me of trading. In the last sentence, substitute "water flow, the habitat, the replicated diet, or a combination of these effects" for money flow, economic environment and intermarket relationships. Get the mood lighting right, lay the foundation, and only then pull the trigger:

"They have been trying for years but could never quite pulled it off. Now…… the endangered Macquarie perch are finally breeding again. The artificial stream was created in a pond slightly smaller than an olympic-sized swimming pool, with an excavated U-shape channel that uses paddle wheels and a diesel pump to create a flowing stream. Scientists also placed cricket-ball-sized cobbles in the bottom of the channel and simulated ripples in the shallows to re-create where they would usually lay their eggs.

''We put in all these habitat features that they normally associate with in the wild,'' Dr Gilligan said.

Dr Gilligan said he and his colleagues did not why the artificial stream worked. It could be the water flow, the habitat, the replicated diet, or a combination of these effects.

Craig Mee


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