It was a crash out of the blue sky - an unexpected, death dealing bolt which in a twinkling turned into shambles the busiest corner of America's financial center and sent scurrying to places of shelter hundreds of wounded, dumb-stricken, white-faced men and women, fleeing from an unknown danger. — The New York Times, September 16, 1920.

No, this is not an account of the World Trade Center…but sure sounds like it. This is an account of the JP Morgan Bank bombing in 1920. The crime remains a mystery although most believe that it was the work of anarchists, many of whom organized against the involvement in WWI and the profiteering that resulted by businesses such as JP Morgan.

The book is Eyewitness to Wall Street by David Colbert. It is a beautiful collection of articles and letters describing the major events of 400 years on Wall Street. It is a wonderful book, allows you to pick at it for 10 minutes at time and is filled with first hand accounts of Wall Street's movers and shakers. Very enjoyable and - like most history - helps to keep life in perspective.


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