These polls drive me nuts, and I used to ignore all news when at best.

Mr. Vic sent a note about 1pm Tuesday a few off the lows, and the response was "what bearishness?". Markets move much faster now a days, yet the gist is the same.

So everyone was right! It wasn't a bunch of bearishness. It was a lack of bullishness.

After Hitting 3 Year High, AAII Bullish Sentiment Plunges By Most In 2 Years

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/18/2010 09:21

For a stark demonstration of market momentum euphoria look no further than the AAII weekly bullish/neutral/bearish sentiment. After hitting 57.56% in the week ended November 11, the highest since 2007, bullish sentiment plunged by 17.56%, to 40.00%, the biggest drop since January 2009, and the fourth biggest shift in sentiment since 2006. Alas, this is the kind of bipolar sentiment shift that will accompany a market in which everything continues to correlate with near precision to the dollar, and in which no bad news matter until they matter, and from all in buying the mood shifts to relentless selling…


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