The predator becomes a meal :

The assassin bug (Stenolemus bituberus) is a spider-hunter. Sometimes, it simply sneaks up to spiders on their own webs before striking, plunging its dagger-like mouthparts into its prey. But it also has a subtler technique. Sitting on the web, it plucks the silken threads with its legs, mimicking the frequency of weakly struggling prey. These deceptive vibes are an irresistible draw to the spider, who rush towards their own demise. The bug effectively has a way of ordering for delivery when it doesn't want to go out for a meal.

Gary Rogan writes:

Good article. If you look at today's situation, not that different from Goldman establishing a de facto consensus that there will be a $2 trillion QE2 without the Fed ever saying any such thing, luring the unsuspecting little spiders with the hopes of a lower dollar and higher everything only for those expectations to be crushed today. I actually came across several speculative articles to this effect yesterday, so someone's hand may have been forced.


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