SPY since last week in Aug low:

Friday    Monday

Up            dn (aug)
Up            dn (mon was holiday- tuesday sept 7th treated as first trading day after friday)

Up            Up

Dn            Up
Up            dn
Up            dn (10/1 - 10/4)
Up            Up
Up            Up
Up            Up (10/22 - 10/25)

Fridays have been all up since low (one time only down) and since the QE has been backed up by no fed against QE, its been Fridays and Mondays up giving the market a feel of power. Best monthly September in years and now a full blown pretty darn good October.

This should be a Happy Halloween indeed for all– except Nat gas people, of course. 

Kim Zussman writes:

Another phun phact: Since 1950, if you bought the SP500 index at the
close of any calendar week, you could have bought it for less at the
close of at least one of the following 50 weeks 83% of the time.

(2601 of 3123 weeks were followed by 50 week periods with at least one week which closed lower)

Also encouraging for skeptics who miss asinine rallies.

Rallies are usually characterized by a higher % of up days (rather than just larger gains per up day), so you would expect more up-runs regardless day-of-week.


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