Liberals, from George Zachar

October 25, 2010 |

 "Liberals come in three varieties: evil, stupid, naive?"–Bill O'Reilly

The statement is factual IF one believes contemporary "liberalism", as defined by the American mainstream, is merely the gauzy smiling mask hiding those who yearn to be the next Stalin.

Axelrod, Rahm, & the dr0me, arguably fit in the first bucket.

Those who do not know what comes after "social democracy", to wit, socialism (where all political conversations end at the point of a gun) and finally communism (where all political conversations start at the point of gun), go into the third bucket.
The second bucket is populated by those who who've been shown the historical arcs of the 1930s and believe their would-be masters are intrinsically benevolent and that the examples of the past are not relevant. "It's different with us. We're good guys, really."

Jeff Sasmor writes:

It's interesting that most liberals also think the same thing about conservatives: evil, stupid, and/or naive. If this is true on both sides then are there any altruistic, bright, and informed (?) persons at all?

And what happens to R's if they go against R orthodoxy? They're RINOs, correct?

Exactly what's the difference (aside from each side believing they're right). It's a remarkable situation…

Is it possible for disagreement without contempt?

To be clear, I think what NPR did to Williams was wrong.


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