If you've noticed how quiet I've been, don't be overly concerned (or joyous if you're one of my numerous debunkers, trend followers et al) that I have lost everything again, but my quietude was due to having to write a book review for a publication that one has read two times each for 60 years, (once to count the greatest cult story since Festinger) of Markman's oversized 500 page 200,000 word masterpiece about Jesse Livermore, who married a woman who had five husbands, each of whom committed suicide. The contagion spread to all three Jesse's, the son and grandson who also committed suicide, as well one would expect for someone who paid so much vig to his counterparts. Very interesting crookery that Jesse used to beat the bucket shops, closely related to n and o on market making referred to before. The main thing about Markman's book is that it's as exuberant as the old bond pit at the Chicago Board of Trade. It makes you want to jump out of your skin.


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