I took the kids to see Secretariat at the movies this weekend. Doswell, VA is just a hop, skip, and jump from Richmond. Chenery's Meadow Farm is now a part of the new Virginia State Fairgrounds and a monument to Big Red and Meadow Farm.

The movie is a must see for readers of this site. Filled with strategy, come-from-behind, coin toss, determination, empirical touch by Mrs. Chenery's decision of choice, working with nothing, maintaining morals while striving for profit, lesson of why not to brag or boast and be humble, and Family devotion. There literally is a part in the movie for all topics that have been discussed over the years on this very Spec List for those that have been here and committed to the topics and digested them for nutrients while giving and sharing as well!

Some of my favorite parts were:

1) the scene of Mrs. Chenery-Tweedy walking into the Gentleman's Club to discuss choices

2) Eddie Sweat, the empty bucket of oats and him humbly walking out on the dirt of Churchill Downs in the early morn and yelling to no one of what was about to become

3) the use of the producer for the second race to make it not at Preakness, but in the home of the Tweedy Family in Denver

4) Choice of Oh, Happy Day to set the tone of not only of the Virginia roots, Gospel music, but the theme of reward from sacrifice (taking religious connotation out)

5) The intensity, amazement, and disbelief of greatness tone set at the Belmont by all in attendance, but the ones with hearts and profit on the line still hangin' and rejoicing.

6) acknowledgement and hand shake of the "House-wife from Denver" by Sham's owner after the race.

7) Luscious burning the old "losing" clippings and letting go so change could take place and

8) the many parts of Mrs. Chenery looking inward/outward using reason with heart coupled with common sense.

Powerful movie!

I wouldn't be surprised if the cinema photography of this movie is nominated for an Oscar. Equally, Diane Lane's portrayal of Mrs. Chenery and John Malkovich's portrayal of Lucian Laurin probably will be nominated as well. Great choice of cast in the movie all around.

This movie has to be put on the List of Spec Movies to watch!

Ralph Vince writes:

Not looking to take anything away from the topic here of "Secretariat," But saw "Jack Goes Boating" which I must say was the best movie I've see n since "Babble."

The characters played by the Hispanic couple in the movie (I don't know their names) are absolutely superb.


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